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Access No.: 11787
Author: Hewitt Robins Staff
Title: Hewitt Robins Trade Catalogs and Magazines
Publisher: Hewitt Robins
Edition: 1956
Binding: Paper
Signed: No
Pages: 118
Condition: Good. All these items have a musty smell -- like an old machine shop. Bulletin No. 140 has a few scrape marks on the front cover.
Description:Hewitt-Robbins still makes industrial conveyor compenents. There are 13 trade catalogs and two company magazines from 1955-1956 in this collection. Bulletin No. 113-A1, Woven Wire Screen Cloth, Bulletin No. 140, The Main Catalog, Bulletin No. 141, Conveyor Belting , Bulletin No. 142, Belt Conveyor Idlers, Bulletin No. 143, Pulleys, Bearings, Grease Fittings Collars and Couplings, Bulletin No. 145, Takeups and Holdbacks, Bulletin No. 146, Rotary Belt Cleaners, Bulletin No. 147, Belt Conveyor Trippers, Bulletin 149, Automatic Feeders, Bulletin No. 151, Belt and Bucket Elevators, Bulletin S-601, Acid Hose, H-22, "Here's One Belt That Is Fire Resistant!," Bulletin 1029, Bulk Materials Handling, "Hewitt Robing News Of Industry" for July and October of 1956.
Keywords: Hewitt-Robins, Conveyor, Trade Catalog

Price: $100
Hewitt-Robins, Conveyor, Trade Catalogs